We Believe in Educating our Clients

Information is power. We believe in giving our clients the tools they need to make healthcare decisions for their pets. Understanding what risks our pets face and how those risks can impact the whole family makes preventative care more effective. If our clients don’t understand the recommendations we make, we aren’t doing our job.

Educational Links

Pet Health Network
CDC Healthy Pets
American Heartworm Society
Feline Heartworm Information
Dr. Sofia Yin Behavior Resources
FAB Cats Feline Resources
Decrease Cat Stress with Feliway
ASPCA and Poison Control Hotline
Pet Dental Care

Referral Center Links

VCA Aurora Specialty Center
University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Still need more info?  Give us a call. We’ll try to answer your question and give you additional resources to help you and your pet.

Exotics referral

Midwest Bird and Exotic: ​http://www.midwestexotichospital.com/
Ness Exotic Wellness Center: ​http://www.nessexotic.com/
Chicago Exotic Animal Hospital: ​http://www.exoticpetvet.com/